May 5 – 13, 2017 — Around the world:

It's Time to Divest from Fossil Fuels.

Investing in fossil fuels means investing in a future of climate catastrophe — this May, join people around the world to move our money in the right direction.

What is divesting from fossil fuels?

Divestment is simply the opposite of investment – it means getting rid of stocks, bonds or investment funds that are unethical.

The business plan of the fossil fuel industry is in no way compatible with a safe climate. We can hardly burn any more fossil fuels to keep global warming below the limit of 1.5℃, which governments set through the Paris climate agreement.

Unless coal, oil and gas production currently in operation is retired early, emissions from existing projects will push global temperature rise past 2℃. That means we cannot open any new fossil fuel projects and need to phase out existing ones.