It’s started

Students, staff and alumni across Australia are standing up to pull back the power of the fossil fuel industry and free our future from climate chaos.


Live-streaming Schedule:

  • Wed 10 May 12pm AEST – UQ Climate Parade
  • Thur 11 May 4pm AEST – UNSW Coral March
  • Fri 12 May 8:30am AEST – ANU Speak Out

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Why must our unis divest from fossil fuels?

Climate change is happening now.

The business model of the fossil fuel industry is in no way compatible with a safe climate that young people’s future relies on. To have any chance of staying below the internationally agreed upon 1.5 degree threshold of warming, we can’t dig up any new fossil fuels. This means no new coal mines, pipelines or gas wells, none at all.

Our governments are captured by the fossil fuel industry lobby and fail to take any necessary action on climate change. Now more than ever our universities need to show leadership and acknowledge the damage fossil fuels cause.

They must break ties with this rogue industry if we are going to embrace a future that is clean, socially just and economically fair.

Feeling inspired? Join the wrap-up webinar to find out how you can get involved in the future