2016 was the hottest year in history. From record heat and extreme floods and droughts, to stronger and more frequent storms, climate impacts continue to devastate the livelihoods of communities all around the world, disproportionately impacting and threatening those who have done the least to contribute to the crisis. All of this is happening at a pace and magnitude far beyond previous predictions.

And we know who is responsible: the fossil fuel industry has been knowingly perpetuating the climate crisis. Fossil fuel companies have spent the last half a century funding climate denial front groups, sponsoring our cultural institutions to gain social legitimacy and orchestrating a deception campaign to block climate action.

We now know for certain that there is no room for fossil fuels if we are serious about addressing the climate crisis.  That’s why our cultural institutions must cut all their ties with this rogue industry in order to curb the worst future impacts of climate change.  We must use every tool in our arsenal to act on the climate crisis at a time where climate leadership is seriously falling short.

We need to take the Fossil Free Culture movement into every corner of the world to break the stronghold the fossil fuel industry has on our culture and politics

In the face of increased climate impacts, people are stepping up against the climate deniers and fossil fuel industry cronies who are taking office and rolling back progress on climate action. Breaking our culture ties with the fossil fuel industry is an immediate and transformational form of climate leadership which the world urgently needs. The coming Global Divestment Mobilisation provides a tangible way for individuals and institutions to partake in building the just world everyone deserves, away from political processes co-opted and corrupted by the industry.

Please join us and register an event and ask your cultural institution to break all their ties with the fossil fuel industry.