With at least 39 events planned across 20 countries just today – it set the tone for what promises to be a bold and beautiful week of climate action.

Here are a few highlights by continent:


There were marches in both Accra, Ghana and Douala, Cameroon to show the resolve of locals against the fossil fuel industry which is causing severe climate impacts to their lives and livelihoods.  Citizens in Nigeria also took to social media to call for an end to Shell’s exploitation of its oil and people.

Meanwhile in South Africa the Global Divestment Mobilisation kicked off with a light display spelling out divestment messages near filling stations in the Sun Valley area.  Students and staff at Stellenbosch University used today to start conversations about divestment across campus.



In Australia, the #StopAdani campaign set its sights on CommBank after persuading Westpac to rule out funding the giant coal mine.  Hundreds of people turned up at CommBank branches in Canberra & Brisbane to divest from the Adani megamine.

Brisbane stop adani


In the Philippines, PMCJ actions kick off and run until 13th May, with the message: Coal Is Not The Answer – Divest From Coal Now!

Indonesia started out with a public talk in Jakarta to start building the foundations for a #FossilFree movement:Clean, Safe, Renewable. Why Not?”

The event was live streamed back to communities throughout Indonesia.

United Kingdom

Already today British divestment activists had a ‘Pyjama Party’ in Wolverhampton calling on the local council to ‘Wake Up and Divest’; local communities in Lancashire affected by fracking have called on investors to ‘stop destroying our communities’; and several other actions took place outside Barclays bank branches denouncing its role in financing fracking companies.

Barclays action Reading UK Lancashire Fracking

And the Quakers in Britain have announced 19 new divestment commitments from Area Meetings while 3 Church of England bishops and several clergy have written to the Church of England calling on them to make their pension #fossilfree.

Other events took place today in Aarhus, Denmark; London, UK; Uppsala, Sweden; Taipei, Taiwan; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Lausanne, Switzerland; Ibadan, Nigeria; Santiago, Chile; Alexandria, Egypt; Japurá, Brazil; Lisbon, Portugal and Madison, USA;