Fossil Free Europe

Fossil fuel companies have been driving the climate crisis and delaying action on climate change for decades.

From May 5 – 13, join thousands of people everywhere to highlight the impacts of our institutions’ investments in fossil fuels and demand they do the right thing: divest!

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It’s simple. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground to avert a climate crisis.

If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong for our universities, pension funds, places of worship, cities, museums and banks to profit from that wreckage.

Divestment campaigns are weakening the fossil fuel industry’s political and economic stranglehold over society. Every time a respected institution publicly breaks its ties with fossil fuels, we chip away at their power to carry out immoral business plans, and we open up space for just climate solutions to flourish.

The stakes have never been higher — our changing climate is leading to ever more dangerous extremes. Flood disasters have more than doubled in Europe in the last 35 years. Droughts, heatwaves and storms are causing more deaths. An unpredictable climate damages people’s livelihoods, from farmers losing crops to seasonal workers who rely on snow or sunshine.

This May, we’re coming together right across Europe, and globally, to escalate our campaigns for divestment. It’s time for our institutions to take the moral high ground and divest from disaster.

Join the Global Divestment Mobilisation —  organise an action that helps to highlight the destructive climate impacts of your target institution’s continued support for the fossil fuel industry.

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Interested but not sure where to start?
Or looking for support to take your campaign to the next level?

Over the coming weeks we’ll have a range of support to offer you from a series of online workshops, through to action guides, action ideas, media and social media resources. You’ll be able to pick and choose what’s useful for you, whether you’re new to divestment campaigning or looking to deepen understanding and skills in a well established campaign.

We’ll also help connect you to more information about divestment campaigning in your country, and how to get started if this is all new to you!

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Online Workshops

Want to find out more about the Global Divestment Mobilisation?
Join one of our online workshops!


Wednesday 22nd March

We heard from divestment campaigners that have ramped up the pressure and successfully taken their campaigns to the next level – both in Berlin and Edinburgh. We ran through how to change up your tactics and make progress in campaigns that feel a little stuck. Check out the Escalation Guide to accompany this online workshop and consider how it can help you plan the most effective action tactics for your Global Divestment Mobilisation event this May.

Monday 13th March, 6:30pm UTC / 7.30PM CET

We heard from divestment campaigners in South Africa and New Zeland and discussed why GDM is focusing on the impacts of climate change. Watch the recording to get ideas for creative actions you can take that feel relevant for where you are and for your divestment target.

Upcoming workshops

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Tuesday 4th April, 6:30pm UTC / 7.30PM CET

We’re powerful when we take action together – but what comes next? In this webinar, we’ll be talking about how to use your action as part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation to build more long-term local people power. Join us for ideas on how to absorb all the new interest your action will generate locally into your group, and how you can harness that interest and power to win.

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