The Global Divestment Mobilisation is past the halfway mark and over 60 events have already taken place around Europe. All types of creative fossil free actions including workshops, marches, public interventions and artivism have taken place in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Here are a few highlights of what’s already taken place and there’s more to come!

It’s not too late to find an event near you and join in.

“Raus aus RWE!” (RWE out!)Dortmund, Germany


Fossil Free campaigners and activists escalated the pressure on Mayor Sierau and the municipality to stop investing its money in coal, oil and gas to cut its ties to RWE(Rheinland Westphalia Electric Utility Company).

Climate March in Munich, Germany

Over 1000 people marched in Munich demanding divestment and more climate action on Saturday, the 5th of May. It was an amazing day that started off with music and speeches which were followed up through a demonstration through the center of the city.

With this demo, and actions to come, there is a clear call for the City of Munich, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising and the local universities to divest and cut all its ties with the fossil fuel industry. In addition, the local coal power plant must be shut down as soon as possible. The time for climate chaos is over.

Public Intervention, Münster, Germany


Fossil Free Münster stepped up the pressure on LWL, the regional authorities of Westfalen-Lippe, who still own a large RWE stock package. The action took place in the center city with a public call for divestment.

Divest Nobel in Stockholm, Sweden

The Divest Nobel campaign staged its own “flood” in Stockholm’s Old Town – right in front of the Nobel museum. The location was chosen because it is vulnerable to flooding caused by extreme weather conditions. Climate change will only make extreme weather events more common – and its impacts are already hitting people hard all around the world. The campaign demands that the Nobel Foundation take moral leadership and divest from fossil fuels.

Divest Nobel: Photo - Jana Eriksson

Participants and passers by took photos with a speech bubble with a quote from Alfred Nobel’s last will – “For the greatest benefit to mankind” in support of the Campaign. Read more about the action here.

GDM kick-off and more actions in The Hague, Netherlands


The Global Divestment Mobilisation actions in the Netherlands kicked off on Sunday afternoon in front of the Madurodam with a symbolic cutting of all ties to the fossil fuel industry. Yesterday, 9th May a photo action took place on the beach in The Hague demanding that Shell shareholders get their heads out of the sand and today actions have been and will continue around the Netherlands demanding through song that ABP, the state pension fund, divest.

“We won’t be resting ’til you start divesting – keep it in the ground!”

Divest Parliament announces 50 MPS support, UK

On Monday, exactly one month ahead of the General Election, the Divest Parliament campaign made a public announcement  that 50 MPs and ex-MPs had signed onto the divestment pledge! Check out the coverage of the announcement in the Guardian, and share the good news on Facebook and Twitter.


UK fossil free campaigners are live blogging on the all the UK Global Divestment Mobilisation actions

There are many more actions to come so take a look at the map of events to see what’s coming up in your region. Live coverage of all the actions on the Global Divestment Mobilisation page in case you’ve missed anything.