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100 UK Divestment Commitments

Amazing news – we’ve passed 100 divestment commitments in the UK! It’s been incredible watching such a range of institutions – from universities, to faith, to health, to local government and pension funds – publicly commit to cut their ties with the fossil fuel industry, and see some of the incredible organising and campaigning that has got us there.

How we win

The Fossil Free campaign is just one part of the global movement for climate justice. As long as we weaken acceptance for the industry and keep escalating pressure, we’re on the right track and gaining strength. This is how we win.

It’s time for the city of Cape Town to become a climate champion

This May (5-13), during Global Divestment Mobilisation (GDM) 350Africa and Fossil Free South Africa under the Go Fossil Free banner,

Africa’s divestment movement rises to stop catastrophic climate change

Activists across the continent are using every tool in their arsenal to dispel development plans based on fossil fuel expansion

Make a Real Difference – Become A GDM Volunteer

We are looking for everyday Capetonians (from ages 18 and above) to stand up and help us make all the

The Truth the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn’t Want you to Know

The future is not good for the fossil fuel industry. The rise of renewable energy and climate policy agreements have

Fossil Free Culture movements on the rise globally

The movement for #fossilfreeculture has grown dramatically in the last couple of years.

Faith as a drive for change

by Nathália Clark,’s Communications Coordinator for Latin America

10 Global Climate Impacts to Divest From

It is official 2016 was the warmest year on record. Climate impacts are taking us into uncharted territory ravaging our planet via floods, forest fires, heatwaves, storms and drought.

Global Divestment Mobilisation Events – What’s going on around the world?

Thousands of people around the world will be taking part in the Global Divestment Mobilisation 5 – 13 May. Here are some of their plans. What are yours?