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The main global hashtag is #FossilFree— follow the momentum and share your own content using it.

You can also use a specific hashtag for your action.

Using Social Media for Recruitment & Storytelling

An action guide for climate activists & organizers

Spread The Word

Here are five easy tips to help people spread the word via social media:

Five things you can do to spread the word

Sample Graphics

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Sample Text for Posts

Facebook + Instagram
We know who is responsible for the climate crisis. This May 5-13, step up to push our organizations and institutions divest from the fossil fuel industry.
Climate leadership is needed more than ever. This May 5-13, take action in your community to help build the just world everyone deserves. Let’s divest from fossil fuels and corrupt politicians.
Climate change is intensifying in terrifying new ways. People everywhere though can do their part to tip the balance of power away from fossil fuels and support a just, renewable economy. Join the Global Divestment Mobilisation this May.
On May 5-13 take action to demand that institutions side with people & the planet by divesting from fossil fuels #FossilFree [then insert link to website and graphic]
We need a global tipping point. This May, push your institutions to divest from fossil fuels. #FossilFree
Are your institutions funding climate disasters? Divest from fossil fuels and build a safer #fossilfree future. Join this May:
Investing in fossil fuels means investing in future climate disasters—this May, take action #FossilFree


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