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The main global hashtag is #FossilFree — follow the momentum and share your own content using it.

You can also use a specific hashtag for your action.

Check out the live coverage homepage for a feed of social media content from around the world and other updates.

Live Coverage


During the Global Divestment Mobilisation, we’ll be posting the most recent video to share here.

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Sample Text for Posts

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We know who is responsible for the climate crisis. This May 5-13, we’re pushing our organizations and institutions divest from the fossil fuel industry in a global wave of activities taking place across 39 countries on 6 continents. Support the Global Divestment Mobilisation and stand up for a #FossilFree future.
Climate change is intensifying in terrifying new ways. People everywhere though are doing their part to tip the balance of power away from fossil fuels and support a just, renewable economy. Amplify and support the actions of the Global Divestment Mobilisation.
On May 5-13 we’re taking action to demand that institutions side with people & the planet by divesting from fossil fuels #FossilFree
Investing in fossil fuels means investing in climate disasters—we’re taking action. Support the Global Divestment Mobilisation #FossilFree

Best Of PHotos

We’ll be sharing here the best photos from actions around the world. Download them and share on Facebook and Instagram. Check back for update.

Global Highlights: Global Divestment Mobilisation 2017

Make Your Own Sign

You can create your own Global Divestment Mobilisation sign to download and share on social media or print out and bring to your action.

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Latest Updates

What a week(end)!

The Global Divestment Mobilisation ended with an unexpected turn of events. A story of solidarity and strength in acting together.

That’s a wrap!

Thousands of people participated in over 280 events in 45 countries to put pressure on institutions to break their financial

It’s over, but it’s a whole new beginning!

Over the last 10 days the Global Divestment Mobilisation saw thousands of us all across the world take powerful action to help stop the climate crisis. Take a minute to watch this beautiful video and feel the people power we have on our side.

Bremen, Germany, commits to divest

At a meeting today, Bremen’s city council confirmed that it has decided to exclude direct investments in climate-damaging coal, oil